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Julia Skibinska

My name is Julia Skibinska. My childhood was spent in 3 vastly different locations; the Chicago suburbs, a family farm, and Costa Rica. I finished my education in the suburbs, spent the weekends tending to livestock, and used any vacation time I had to escape to the tropics. After 6 years of working at a lovely public library, I realized I could not handle another Chicago winter. My heart was set in making Costa Rica my only home. I quickly started to prepare. I chose to pursue a new passion and received my Illinois Real Estate License. I also became a licensed member of the Costa Rican Global Association of Realtors and the National Association of Realtors. I relocated all my hens and packed up a few essentials. All in less than a year. Moving to Costa Rica has been a dream. I am eager to show my clients the immaculate beauty of this country. Also, I am here to reassure you that no matter your age or experience can stop you from pursuing your happiness.

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